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Sticks Holdings, LLC is a privately held commercial real estate development and investment company located in South Los Angeles for over 30 years. Prior to forming Sticks Holdings LLC Curtis Fralin was a Senior Vice President with CB Richard Ellis specializing in urban ground up retail and office development with a specialty in the procurement of national credit retailers. Sticks is well respected in the community as one of the few minority owned real estate companies and for its numerous quality developments over the last 30 years.


  1. To operate as a commercial real estate development and investment company specializing in the underserved, underrepresented, impoverished, and primarily minority geographical areas referred to as “urban” or “inner-city” regions of the United States
  2. To acquire and develop quality properties in urban markets based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates and joint venture partners. Once properties are acquired or developed, the Company will provide all of the adjunct services, skills and systems necessary to maintain each property to the highest standards of quality, to achieve the greatest operating efficiencies and, finally, to realize the highest profit performance.
  3. In addition to identifying the potential of a property, successful development can only be achieved with a mix of architectural integrity, innovative ideas, carefully chosen tenants and community involvement. We aim to reduce blight and increase the beautification of urban areas by constructing and rehabilitating buildings above normal building standards.
  4. To enable, facilitate, and procure the placement of national credit tenants in urban areas which historically have ignored or have been unwilling to place stores in these areas
  5. To promote and hire minority individuals in urban areas who’s specialties included development, brokerage, marketing, leasing, architecture, city planning, and entitlements.


Sticks Holdings, LLC has extensive experience in developing and investing in commercial properties in minority areas described as underserved and impoverished.  With over 30 years’ experience in leasing, investment sales, development, rehabilitation and community outreach no other firm can match our level of urban market knowledge.  Due to the number of real estate transactions Sticks Holdings has completed over the last 30 years Sticks has a unique perspective due to our actual knowledge of completed deals in the area. Sticks offices are located in the “Community” in order to better serve this geographical area and provide real time information to our partners.

During the development process we work closely with local officials, civic groups and most importantly community members who are our neighbors.  We are adaptive and recognize the importance of community input. We consider community groups and local government i.e.  The Mayor’s office, the Councilman’s office and the Supervisors office our partners and strongly work with them in the very beginnings of our planning.

In addition, Sticks Holdings has been in the business of procuring national credit tenants to Urban Markets since 1989. Thus due to our far reaching relationships with national credit tenants Sticks Holdings is able to minimize leasing time by drawing on the strength of current relationships in pre-leasing its projects. Curtis Fralin has leased over 15 market anchored shopping centers and over 100 non-anchored shopping centers in urban markets. Our goal is to achieve an 80% pre-lease level prior to completion of construction. This enables Sticks Holdings to mitigate risk to a great degree before beginning construction.


Owner and Founder
DRE: 00976311
Vice President
DRE: 01225865
Director of Construction
DRE: 01985424

Anthony Thompson

Sales Agent
DRE: 01193616

Beatriz Rodriguez

Marketing Specialist
and Sales Agent
DRE: 02167304
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